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ALPF’s fellowship program is a central force behind our ability to carry out our mission, vision, and goals. Our fellows do the work of the foundation: Researching, writing, publishing, and presenting high-quality, solutions based, non-partisan policy perspective for the American public.

Upon acceptance, fellowship candidates are placed into one of three categories:

(1) Senior Fellow, (2) Full Fellow, or (3) Visiting Fellow.

Each of these carries a varying degree of responsibility. Only a few members will be admitted as Senior Fellows. These men and women are responsible, not only for producing research of the highest quality, but also for the mentorship and development of junior level fellows. This emphasis on leadership development, mentoring, and professional improvement is the hallmark of our fellowship program and it sets us apart.

ALPF engages with media, academia, and the public to bring new and salient perspectives from leading scholars.

Most applicants accepted for fellowship will be assigned the role of Full Fellow. These members will produce high-caliber work, but will initially hold less responsibility with respect to leadership and mentorship. They will work closely with Senior Fellows to develop their own talents, and will learn throughout the course of their tenure to improve their research quality, presentation skills, writing style, and publication success. Visiting Fellows will be brought into the ALPF for a particular project. A visiting fellow will avail him or herself of all the resources of the ALPF to bring to fruition a product that was conceived prior to the start of the fellowship.

All fellows’ written work is subjected to internal peer review before being submitted for publication. This process is of inestimable value, both to the Foundation and to individual fellows. The result is a vibrant atmosphere in which ideas are exchanged, engaged, encouraged, and at times, debated, and sharpened.

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