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Our Vision and Mission

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, ALPF is America’s only citizen directed research and policy foundation. We serve America by providing research by the people for the people. In a climate where special interest groups and corporations dominate the public policy arena, ALPF provides a critical counterbalance. The perspective and research generated by ALPF originates with civically concerned thought leaders, experts, and professionals who generate world-class policy analysis from the frontline of their respective fields.

ALPF believes providing the right information, in the right way, at the right time is critical to helping citizens and local, state, and federal governments have access to the information needed to make commonsense reforms that both enhance our Republic and our society.

In a climate where policymakers are lobbied daily by entities with agendas often contrary to the public interest, ALPF is working to establish itself as a trusted resource and counter balance.

At ALPF, some of our nation’s most talented scholars and innovators are working to find practical, commonsense solutions to our toughest challenges. To meet these challenges, ALPF has embarked on an ambitious vision and mission:


To enhance civic engagement and citizen participation through education and the dissemination of public policy information based in open discussion and rigorous verifiable research.


To foster the free and full exchange of policy enhancing ideas based in critical thinking.  Such ideas will be aided by ALPF in their development and advocacy.  These ideas must adhere to the foundation of America’s self-governing system and the rule of law.  The ALPF will also function to inform the public at-large on public policy topics including the foundational basis of existing and proposed policies as well as alternative solutions based in American foundational principles.  Our public policy focus areas are concentrated in three core areas: (1) common defense, (2) economic policy, and (3) public law.

ALPF accomplishes its mission in three ways:
  • Sustainable Leadership Development
  • Policy Research and Analysis
  • Outreach and Education

Leaders at ALPF have moved past partisanship and finger pointing. Our dedicated fellows understand that we can and must work together for the preservation of our Republic. It’s that simple. Eleanor Roosevelt proclaimed: “Understanding is a two way street.” We agree. Whether Republican, Democrat, Independent, or Libertarian, we understand that our Republic is our common interest and we can achieve great things if we are willing to build on our common ground and to learn from each other.

For more information about our mission, download our prospectus.

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