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The American Leadership and Policy Foundation (ALPF) is the first foundation of its kind.

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, ALPF is America’s only citizen directed research and policy foundation. We serve America by providing research by the people for the people. In a climate where special interest groups and corporations dominate the public policy arena, ALPF provides a critical counterbalance. The perspective and research generated by ALPF originates with civically concerned thought leaders, experts, and professionals who generate world-class policy analysis from the frontline of their respective fields.

The ALPF was founded in 2014 as an IRS 501(c)3 nonprofit, non-partisan, public policy think tank.

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We work for you… ALPF specializes in educating and informing citizens and leaders on our nation’s most significant public policy issues; we also specialize in developing leaders and civic engagement programs to ensure citizens understand that their involvement in civics is critical to America’s continued freedom and prosperity. Our purpose is simple – provide pure perspective and leadership for a strong America.

ALPF’s logo, the Tree of Liberty, represents the idea that the Tree of Liberty must be watered to flourish, or otherwise, liberty will wither away.


ALPF is funded exclusively by people like you and does not accept corporate or special interest funding and grants. We work for the people of the United States and are wholly committed to developing the kind of policy solutions and leadership that benefit our citizens first. 

The ALPF prospectus provides an overview of the foundation’s mission, philosophy,  fellowship program, financials, and more. Men and women nationwide are realizing – it’s time to stand up for America. Join with ALPF as we water the Tree of Liberty and bring Pure Solutions for a Strong America! To learn more about how ALPF accomplishes its mission – download our prospectus.

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