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The ALPF Quarterly Update

In 2016, the American Leadership & Policy Foundation launched its very first quarterly newsletter called, “The ALPF Quarterly Update”. The newsletter is a direct way to share the successes, efforts, and happenings of the Foundation, its members, and supporters on a routine basis.

Quarterly Update Releases


The update is created by the Foundation secretary and a team of citizens and leaders anchored in America’s foundation—ALPF fellows. Each newsletter contains articles, tips, and important news from ALPF fellows and other experts on current issues and trends in national security, economic policy, and public law; areas key to a well-informed citizenry. 


If you wish to comment or share your valuable insights with us, please consider submitting your ideas for publication consideration. This is your foundation, this is your update, this is your America! Thank you for helping water the Tree of Liberty.

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