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A New Approach to Research

The American Leadership & Policy Foundation is committed to offering salient, world-class analysis and research to the public and decision makers on behalf of American’s citizens. It’s time to restore the voice of America’s citizens in government. That’s it – no fine print.


Our commonsense research and policy endeavors seek to deliver more by developing long-term solutions that tackle the root-causes of issues rather than the symptoms. This approach helps us ensure continued security, prosperity, and freedom for all Americans by fostering sound governance.


“The time for honesty and civil dialog is now – the ALPF is becoming the touchstone for policy perspective that citizens and leaders seek and Trust.”

ALPF represents our nation’s citizens because we understand the voice of the people has been muted by greed, special interests, and niche agendas. We understand that political correctness will be the climate which ends political correctness. Our system is broken because of a lack of honesty and trust.


Because it is time for honesty and civil dialog – ALPF is becoming the touchstone for policy perspective that citizens and leaders trust and seek out. It’s not easy to develop trust. However, as citizens and custodians of our nation’s future, we must help our citizens rediscover their sense of duty and an understanding that America is a priceless system worth preserving.


We must also help people recognize what has happened to their government. We must help them understand what must be done to make it work for them. No matter how bad things have become – there is always a way back – and together, we can help show the way!


With your help, ALPF will restore public faith in America – one citizen, one leader, and one issue at a time.


A foundation committed to research by the people for the people. This idea is straightforward and powerful, because it brings to bear some of our nation’s most innovative scholars while leveraging their talents to help resolve complicated policy issues.


Proof of Concept:

Twelve weeks before Ebola broke in the U.S. press, ALPF Fellow H.C. Campbell, a former USAF Intel Analyst, wrote an article predicting that Ebola would reach U.S. soil by the end of 2014. In addition to describing how it would arrive, Campbell’s article proposed many of the ideas hastily implemented nationwide to contain the outbreak.

How did Campbell know the timeline, methods of transfer, and practical countermeasures? Because it’s his business to scan the globe for emerging threats as a security analyst for one of the world’s leading energy companies. But Campbell is more than a Security Analyst, he’s a concerned citizen and professional who realizes the information and prospective he has is important to all of us.


Proof of Concept:

In 2014, an ALPF Senior Fellow published groundbreaking academic research report on the potential security impacts of drone operations in the United States. As a result of interviews with the Chief Scientist of the Air Force, industry leaders, and military experts – the paper identified a dangerous security gap resulting from the passage of a 2012 bi-partisan federal law.


The study was selected by staff members of the U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security to educate leaders on the need to hold hearings on the threat. Without this report, key decision makers would remain unaware of the need to address this important security issue.

Experts like Campbell and dozens of defense experts, doctors, legal professionals, economists, and scholars across America have joined with ALPF to speak, write, and present on issues because they understand providing trustworthy information to the right people and at the right time will benefit ALL Americas.


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