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Children Protected from Radicalization (CPR)

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The American Leadership and Policy Foundation, America’s only citizen-directed research and policy foundation producing world-class policy analysis, has launched a nonpartisan, nationwide PSA campaign and lecture series directed to families about efforts to protect America’s youth from radicalization and violent extremist groups.

The new campaign, Children Protected from Radicalization, or CPR, is supported by research by national thought leaders, experts, and professionals trained in topics of countering violent extremism (CVE), terrorist deradicalization, terrorist radicalization, and global security issues.  ALPF is proud to bring this unique program to families and local communities that are concerned about what they can do on the local level to protect our nation’s youth from radical ideologies.

The world is an ever-changing environment of nation-states, organizations, and actors. The threats the United States faces in an anarchic climate are real and constantly shifting. Currently, we are losing a war – a war of ideas. Terrorists and hostile entities aim to shape the social and ideological landscape to their perspective. They bend the wills of others to accomplish their own dangerous agendas. Every time someone kills or commits a violent act, more people may be inspired. This is a dangerous cycle and one of the worst threats we face as a nation. The cycle must be broken.

Americans, however, are not defenseless. We possess the power to fight back, to change the tides and implement counter strategy not with weapons, but with truth. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends and families across the United States can make a difference if we stand up together to face the threats that plague our nation. The American Leadership & Policy Foundation aims to be the catalyst for this important movement.

A shift in thought among Americans is a crucial first step. No longer should we rely on others or the government to be the only line of defense in preserving our ideals. We must help parents understand the truth – their children are on the front line of an ideological struggle.


CPR Brochure

Our children, however young and innocent, are targets. This puts parents on the front line of this fight. We are a first line of defense. We can bolster our defense by increasing awareness. We must show families how the enemy does business and how children and young adults are sought out for radicalization.

Recently, ALPF’s anti-radicalization research team met with the FBI’s national anti-terrorism director. He lamented we are the only nation in the west that does not have an active campaign to prevent recruitment and radicalization of children and young adults. Late last year ALPF was told by officials from NSA and FBI we are losing the battle because our children remain vulnerable. ALPF seeks to change this. Terrorist organizations win by inspiring others to carry forward their vitriolic ideology. They target both the young and vulnerable. We must educate our young about these methods. They must understand the enemy wants to use their minds and bodies.

ALPF, in concert with federal and NGO partners, has kicked off a national public service campaign to prevent radicalization on our homefront. Along with the public service campaign, ALPF will conduct a lecture series at schools and universities across the U.S. However, to accomplish our goals and turn the tide against radicalization, we need your help and support.

As a part of the CPR program, ALPF hosts a program called Social Media Awareness Program: Understanding Your Child’s Relationship with Social Media, which is a one hour long presentation given to parents, students, and school staff involving statistics about the power of social media, sextortion, cyberbullying, social norms of student behaviors on social media, social media and privacy, sexting, information on how schools can develop a social media education program, how social media issues can explode until it is unmanageable by the student, and responsible social media practices that can be supported both at home and in schools.


For more info, download the program flyer.

View the CPR launch page here and read Chairman Stuckenberg’s letter to ALPF here.

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