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About ALPF

The American Leadership & Policy Foundation (ALPF) was founded in 2014 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit, non-partisan, public policy think tank. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, ALPF is a citizen directed research and policy foundation.

ALPF is funded exclusively by people like you and does not accept corporate or special interest funding and grants. We work for the people of the United States and are wholly committed to developing the kind of policy solutions and leadership that benefit our citizens first. 


The perspective and research generated by ALPF originates with civically concerned thought leaders, experts, and professionals who generate world-class policy analysis from the frontline of their respective fields.

What We Do

ALPF believes providing the right information, in the right way, at the right time is critical to helping citizens and local, state, and federal governments have access to the information needed to make commonsense reforms that both enhance our Republic and our society.

In a climate where policymakers are lobbied daily by entities with agendas often contrary to the public interest, ALPF is working to establish itself as a trusted resource and counter balance.

At ALPF, some of our nation’s most talented scholars and innovators are working to find practical, commonsense solutions to our toughest challenges. To meet these challenges, ALPF has embarked on an ambitious vision and mission.

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Info Wars: Protecting Yourself from Fallacies, Pitfalls and Agendas

Not a day goes by wherein someone is not trying to influence your thoughts, attitudes and behaviors. It can be a company using an advertisement on the internet, television, billboard or magazine. It can be a political figure or activist in a news story, an op-ed or a Tweet.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 1.50.18 PM.png

Water Scarcity: The Most Understated Global Security Risk

The Industrial Revolutions improved living standards for people in most nations where technology proliferated. Populations in modern societies are not overly concerned with accessing food or water on a daily basis. In particular, the availability of clean, fresh water is a reasonable expectation throughout the modern world.

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