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CPR Campaign Launch - Chesterfield County, VA

WASHINGTON D.C. – Representatives from the American Leadership and Policy Foundation are slated to speak about the dangers of radicalization in local communities at the Chesterfield County Council of PTAs meeting Monday, 12 Sept., from 7:00-8:30 p.m. at the Chesterfield Technical Center – Thomas R. Fulghum Conference Center.

The presentation is part of the ALPF’s most recent initiative – the Children Protected from Radicalization (CPR) campaign.

ALPF members will join other community organizations and groups, such as the Chesterfield County Police Department, Chesterfield County Public Schools, and ImPACT Virginia (People Against Child Trafficking in American Schools). This event is designed to provide a secure forum for parents to learn and discuss issues such as internet safety, digital footprints, protection from child sex trafficking, and protection from radical ideologies for children in grades kindergarten through high school.

“Women in communities, usually wives and mothers, can be change agents to prevent and counter violent extremism with peace and tolerance,” said Kerry O’Brien-Smith, CPR National Director. “However, in order for mothers and women to feel empowered to do this, they must feel protected, safe, and able to use their voices to speak out against violent extremism.”

CPR is supported by research from national thought leaders, experts and professionals trained in topics of countering violent extremism (CVE), terrorist de-radicalization, terrorist radicalization, and global security issues.

“The ALPF is proud to bring this unique program to families and communities that are concerned about what they can do on the local level to protect our nation’s youth from radical ideologies,” said David Stuckenberg, ALPF founder and chairman. “Groups such as the Islamic State and Al Qaida have successfully leveraged the vulnerability of youth for years as they recruit in Asia and Europe, and they are actively seeking to push their deadly and radical agenda here in the U.S., and our children are in their crosshairs.”

The ALPF representatives will participate in a Q&A Session after the presentations and will provide takeaways and handouts for interested community members. Door prizes will be given away.

The Chesterfield Technical Center – Thomas R. Fulghum Conference Center is located at 13900 Hull Street Rd., Midlothian, VA 23112.

ALPF receives its funding and research ideas from individual citizens and does not accept government or special interest funding.


View the official CPR campaign page here and read Chairman Stuckenberg’s letter to ALPF here.

Event Flyer

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