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ALPF Launches CPR Campaign - Open Letter

Dear Friends and Staff, 

Although many of us at the American Leadership & Policy Foundation are currently serving in deployed locations around the world, the outstanding work of this foundation, your foundation, continues daily!  I’m proud to see the progress we are making in providing our nation’s leaders with essential information they require on our most pressing policy issues. 


Earlier in the year, our staff briefed 250 federal and state leaders and citizens on a key risk to our society and infrastructure.  Senator Bob Hall of Texas, noted: 


“The American Leadership and Policy Foundation’s focus on providing a critical counterbalance to the false information espoused by self-serving special interest groups is both timely and invigorating.  In April, I hosted the 2016 Texas Grid security Summit at the Texas State Capitol Building to address the critical importance of protecting Texas (and America) from the Threat of an EMP.  The American Leadership and Policy Foundation graciously co-sponsored this event. …ALPF Fellow[s] presented their research on Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and Space Weather and the Strategic Threat to America’s Nuclear Power Stations.  I applaud their efforts on this crucial national security issue and thank them and their organization for possessing the integrity and resolve to ensure that the safety and security of the American public are thoroughly represented and defended.” 


Leaders like Senator Hall and others in government need us as citizens to weigh in.  We can’t expect our representatives to represent us without sound information and continuous input from sources with integrity.  With your help, ALPF provides information few dare offer.  In fact, the research above, made possible by your support, is in the hands of a grateful group of federal agencies which include the U.S. Department of State. 


In months ahead, ALPF will rollout one of the nation’s first anti-radicalization programs aimed at protecting our children and youth – Children Protected from Radicalization (CPR).  CPR will be led by a team of terrorism, anti-radicalization, and social science experts from ALPF along with NGO and federal law enforcement partners.  I would like to say thank you to our fellows Dr. Laura Kohr and soon to be Dr. Kerry O’ Brien-Smith, for helping lead and develop this ambitious and timely program. 


Dr. Khor is a leading expert on anti-radicalization and de-radicalization and Kerry O’ Brien-Smith is a researcher and Ph.D. student specializing in victimization and how it influences society and government.  In this CSPAN video, Dr. Khor asks some of the key questions our foundation hopes to address as we move forward. 


If you are interested in supporting CPR, helping contribute your knowledge, or would like to know more about the program’s aims, please let me know.  ALPF continues to build a strong coalition of partners as we develop CPR and approach rollout.  If you know an organization that would be interested in supporting or joining CPR, please consider connecting us. 


We are a foundation by and for the people and depend on dedicated citizens like you.  Only you can help ALPF present pure research (truth) for a strong America as our information strives to be free of the financial and political influences that corrupt research and data.

I’d like to conclude by thanking you for your time, financial support, and expertise.  But most of all, thank you for keeping faith in our constitution and democratic system.  The importance of these cannot be overstated.  True courage is a determination to keep faith when the odds seem overwhelming.  The courage and determination I gain from my friendship and association with each of you inspires me daily!  Thank you again! 

Your friend,

DAVID J. STUCKENBERG, Chairman and Founder


ALPF receives its funding and research ideas from individual citizens and does not accept government or special interest funding. View the official CPR page here and the campaign launch page here.

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